7 Life Lessons From A Reluctant Me

Life Lessons From A Reluctant Me

Sometimes I wonder what I get myself into. All the ways and different things I tried. The idea seemed simple enough: make some money so I can quit my job working for myself. Looking back sitting here writing with my fingers on the keyboard, I keep surprising myself with life lessons I didn’t see at the time. 

Fail My Way To Success

carpet cleaning imageBack in my late teens, a friend out of the blue asked, “why don’t we clean carpets to make some money” In the same way Forrest Gump answered Bubba… I said, ‘OKAY, sounds like a fine idea’.

We found a friends mother who said yes.

Then we borrowed money, (our parents) needed to rent a carpet cleaner from our local supermarket. I’ll never forget the big red Rug Doctor.

When the day came, I called my friend David to arrange a pickup time to go to our first job. But here’s the kicker, he tells me he doesn’t want to go. Are you kidding me… It was your idea.

Well, I already have the Rug Doctor and this appointment. I’ll go alone. The mom pointed to the rug she wanted cleaned and fortunately for me, left the room. Believe it or not there was no world wide web back then, so I just started to wing it.

Things seemed to be going well when I noticed something didn’t seem right. It was a large throw rug and I noticed it seemed to be shrinking. I could see the thing under the carpet that keeps it from sliding, sticking out on all sides. Lucky for me the mom never said anything. (I learned, you shouldn’t clean a wool rug with water).

That was the end of my carpet cleaning days. A shrinking Rug, no profit, a lost partner and a lot learned.


Then my interest in magic, you know, presto digitation, conjuring magic wand kind of stuff. Performing magic was interesting but I didn’t have the personality for it. Was asked to perform at a kids birthday party. All I’ll say is it was one of, if not – the worst day of my life. WOW!

I Had great mechanical skills, but lousy speaking skills. 

Eating my way

I worked at a sub and sandwich shop and thought to myself, hey I can do this. So I found a partner with the money and got a location, bought the equipment, (used) and renovated the inside. Even had a pretty good name: Superb Subs

Things were good for a very short time until my silent partner wasn’t so silent and since he supplied the money, decided to stop-3 months later we were closed. I can say that it was a great learning experience. Because I did everything I could do to pay off all my suppliers, they said if I ever wanted to open another shop they were willing to supply the credit.

Foosball Book

Next I wrote a book on how to play foosball to win. Also known as Table Soccer. Published it, sent a copy to theQuick Start Challenge library of congress. It went nowhere, but I spent a lot of money.

camera repair

Then tried Camera Repair for a business. Took a 18 month camera repair course, finished it with high honors, but didn’t have the patience for it. It was similar to watch repair. Most cameras weren’t meant to be repaired like an expensive watch. An expensive watch is built to be repaired. Now most people use their phone. 

Special Events 

My sister in law got married and I was intrigued watching the photographer and thought that’s pretty cool, maybe that’s the way to do it. I struck up a conversation with the photographer that said I could caddy with him at one of his weddings to learn. Basically work carrying his equipment for two years for no pay. My payment was learning how by watching him work. Two years later I photographed my first wedding for money. It wasn’t enough to quit my job, but I did it for 10 years. I loved photography, but photographing weddings got old and tiresome. Wedding photography

During all of the above I also played the drums in bands when I could. Playing all kinds of music, rock, country and a stint in an Elvis impersonator band.

Is there a point?

I believe there is a point to my story that’s helpful for me and hopefully you the reader, that there are life lessons learned.

Now looking back I’m thinking it has to be me. I’m jumping all over the place not sticking to anything. I’m at a point now where I only need to generate $1,000 per month to retire to be able to live at my current lifestyle.


Now What?

Was it all a waste of my time? No, as long as you recognize your failures and don’t repeat them. Although I guess after writing all of this one might say I’m a quitter.  I don’t think so, I’m just loaded with tons of interest. This post would never end if I included all of them.

Email MarketingNow my interest is where my computer and the World Wide Web lies. I’m good with computers and images. I don’t seem to have a problem writing, good or bad. Probably won’t see literary awards in my future. That’s Okay with me. 

No more giving up. Now its direct email marketing along with affiliate marketing – selling other businesses digital products. I partnered with Internet Profits and on my way to the simple idea of making some money so I can quit my job and work for myself.

It’s a perfect fit for me, but like anything worthwhile, I’m having some struggles.

My next post will get into more of these struggles.

Please feel free to leave comments, the good, bad or the ugly. Hopefully not the ugly;-)

All the best,


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