The Amazing Power Of Doing, Even If It’s Slow Going.

The amazing power of doing, even if it’s slow going.

I remember the day so vividly my first internet search on how to make money online. I started from zero, like most. It was in early 2020.frustrated

Like most people I wasn’t a big fan of working for someone else’s dream. Having a bad boss is no picnic. Although I know at least one friend that actually loves his job, that’s another story for another time.

I was near retirement age and worried, NO, I will upgrade this to scared that there was no way i could retire living my current lifestyle. Which I can tell you was just a tiny bit better than living paycheck to paycheck.

My First Shiny Object

My first shiny object was a 30 day course on affiliate marketing. It still is a great course, but for me, it was not as easy as they made it sound. There was a lot to learn. Maybe I’m not that good at it or a little too slow. Others seem to pass by like a speeding train, leaving me alone in a whirlwind of dust. I kept asking myself, What am I doing wrong? What am I missing?

Confort Zone ImageSome people have a natural talent for making videos, posting on social media and seeming to attract money effortlessly. With no problem moving out of their comfort zone.

Even Though it was slow for me, I started to see some results. My thought was to make my first dollar as an affiliate online.

That day came on April 3rd 2021. A $1.00 commission. I thought, if I can make $1.00, then why not $2.00. I’ve always heard or read somewhere that the first dollar is the most difficult to make. I must be doing something right. I only have to figure out what is working. It was tough, but I did it. It was a great accomplishment. All told I earned: $3,181.85 during the year 2021. That number may scare away the get richer quick fans thinking, ‘it took him a year to earn $3,181.85, what kind of nonsense is that? It was not enough to quit my job with commissions like that, but I did it part time.

Still Planning

I’m still planning a goal to break 5 figures, then 6 figures. With the right attitude and dreaming to help keep going, I’ll do it. The dreaming part is my core value, the WHY I want to do this. Mine is to have financial peace by helping other people do the same. I believe it only takes a little commitment and moving one small step at a time.

The one thing I can say that was helpful was to keep going, Not giving up under any circumstances. Because if I do, then they win. You know, “they” the non-believers. Especially friends and family with all their negativity because they don’t understand that making money online is real.

Obstacles ImagesIt can happen to anyone with a drive to keep  going and pushing through each small obstacle laid in front of them. I hate to repeat the old cliche, but here goes, if I can do it, you can do it. I could complain about my circumstances or take action. The thing is, I am a complainer but also an action taker. This proves to me that complaining about things is easy to overcome.

Doing is always better than talking about it

I would be interested to know if you had anything to add to the post.

Are you an action taker?

Is complaining easy for you as it is for me?

Is getting rich quick even possible for most?

Is there luck involved or is taking some kind of action better?

Leave a comment below or contact me if you have any questions. 

Until the next post and to financial peace,

Ken Stronach

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